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How to Create Embellished Roller Shades

Turn basic roller shades into stylish window treatments by simply adding decorative trim.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
Made in the Shade

Materials Needed:

  • roller shades
  • decorative shade pulls
  • upholstery trim (grosgrain ribbon, rick-rack, bullion fringe, pom-poms, etc.)
  • temporary fabric pen
  • fabric glue
  • small brush
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • ruler
  • screwdriver

Gather Materials and Attach Pulls

Select roller shades, decorative shade pulls and trim. Attach pulls to center point of bottom shade edge.

Select the Roller Shade Decor

Cut Decorative Trim

Lay trim on shade and cut to size, leaving one inch excess on each side.

Cut and Place the Trim

Apply Fabric Glue

Brush fabric glue onto back side of upholstery trim. Tip: We used rick-rack but any similarly lightweight trim would work.

Brush Trim with Fabric Glue

Attach Trim to Shade

Position trim at desired height along bottom edge of shade, brush glue on remaining length of trim and attach to shade.

Place Glue onto the Roller Shade

Measure Trim Placement

Check distance of trim from bottom edge of shade to ensure level placement before glue dries. Once you're satisfied with placement, press trim firmly onto shade to ensure glue adheres properly.

  • Accurately Measure the Trim for Placement
  • Firmly Press Down the Trim

Remove Excess and Glue Down Edges

Cut off excess trim leaving approximately 1/2-inch selvage at each side of shade. Apply glue to back side of trim selvage; turn under and press selvage firmly onto reverse side of shade.

  • Cut Excess Trim
  • Apply Glue to Trim Backing
  • Paste Excess Trim Onto Reverse Side

Add a Second Layer of Trim

Repeat above steps to apply additional layers of trim. Tip: Consider using more than one style and color of trim for a creative, custom look.

Add on Layers of Trim

Install Shades

Using a screwdriver, attach hardware included with roller shades to window frame and hang shades.

Hang the Roller Shades
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