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Kids' Chalkboard Lamps

Create a convenient spot for leaving messages for your little one by covering a lamp base with chalkboard paint.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
Chalkboard Lamps

Materials Needed:

  • pair of smooth-sided table lamps
  • tinted primer
  • chalkboard paint (black, green or tinted to a color of your choice)
  • paintbrush
  • painters' tape
  • extra-fine sanding pad
  • chalk
  • towel

Prep Lamp Base Surface

Find a pair of simply shaped lamps that provide a smooth writing surface. If already painted, sand to rough up surface or simply wipe clean if the lamps are metal or glass. Apply clean-release tape to stem and lower base to protect from paint splatters.

Prepare a Lamp for Paint

Apply Primer

Brush on a consistent layer of tinted primer and allow it to fully dry for approximately three hours.

Brush on Primer

Sand Then Apply Chalkboard Paint

Smooth primed surface with sanding pad then brush on a coat of chalkboard paint; allow to fully dry.

  • Sand and Smooth the Lamp Surface
  • Apply the Chalkboard Paint

Treat Lamp Surface With Chalk

Prepare lamp for messages by covering surfaces with a large chalk stick on its side. Tip: This step prevents any future chalk phrases from being "burned" into the surface and allows markings to be fully erasable.

Prepare the Lamp with Chalk

Add Phrase

Top bases with shades and add a phrase to the finished lamps with chalk.

Add Artwork or a Phrase
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