Great Dorm Room Storage From Rate My Space

Cramming all of a student's personal items with a roommate's into a 300-square-foot space is not easy, but with some creative engineering, it can be possible and even pretty.

  • Built-In Bliss

    Decor2UrDoor shows that overhead built-in shelves can showcase pictures and other personal items without taking up desk or bureau space.

  • Three-Squared Cube

    Using a 9-cube cubby with matching box drawers, RMS user Oslamb organizes her stuff with minimal effort and maximum style.

  • Sky-High Shelving

    Using tall shelving takes advantage of minimal floor space and open high space — especially since RMS user chvylov3 has no computer desk drawers or storage.

  • Trunk the Bunk

    As RMS user hellojo found, trunks can be another cool way to store anything from off-season clothing to valuables, while also creating shelving for day-to-day items.

  • DVD Treasury

    The neatest way to store DVDs we've ever seen: RMS user LanceALandry shows how small shelves make artwork of clutter.

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