Dorm Room Bedding From Rate My Space

The right bedding creates a style statement in a small room. These students use comforters and pillows to give their dorm rooms pizzazz.

Magnifique Master Bed

Pairing patterns with solid colors, RMS user bravesgymnast09 pulls her room together with chic and unique pillows.

Headboard From the Beach

Decor2UrDoor has personalized pillows and a beach towel headboard that matches her color scheme and ties the room together.

A Pop of Poppy

This beautiful poppy comforter with coordinating pillows radiates throughout chvylov3's space.

Delightful Stripes

Kbritt03 uses a striped comforter as her color palette, matching curtains, lights and bath towels to the scheme.

Forward Headboards

Artworks7 knows that matching comforters, pillows and headboards will pull a room with two beds in a small space together.

Circles and Solids and Stripes, oh my!

Since RMS users and roommates kelsyandshauna couldn't plan ahead for matching comforters, a neat room with a beautiful canopy is always in style.

Luxurious Canopy

With drapes matching the comforter and throw pillows, MarbleFallsMom creates personal space through canopy curtains.

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