Dorm Room Wall Art From Rate My Space Users

Living in a dorm teaches students to work within their means. These students design within the rules to create shabby chic styles for pennies on the dollar.

Floating Photo Border

Sthomas4christ uses dark ribbon to hang pictures from the wall, creating a colorful, creative and personalized border.

Shag Artwork

Limlaunch21 uses faux brick paper and a bathroom mat to create a city chic feel in her flat.

Stylish Symmetry

Flower cutouts and matching lamps, bedding and a shabby chic chandelier create a clean-cut dorm room for RMS user sugardesign.

Creating Color

Since RMS user heartsandpolkadots was not able to paint, her creative alternative was to use a blanket to create a focal wall with artwork.

School Pride Pad

If a student is as fortunate as Decor2UrDoor, she can paint in a light cream to create the feeling of openness and personalize the space by stenciling artwork.

Bubbly Personality

These bubbles of color in RMS user karolinez dorm create a border that matches the bedspread and can be made from pennies.

Artist's Abode

If you're allowed to paint like RMS user mgagner, show off artistic skills and add both color and style.

Queens of the Castle

Slawrence727 compensates for not painting by using patterned comforters and not hanging lights by tacking up a silhouette of a simple chandelier.

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