Creative Playrooms for Boys From Rate My Space

Young boys need a space where they can use their imaginations and be active. Check out these playroom photos from Rate My Space to get ideas for your boy's playroom.

  • Double the Fun

    RMS user hennesses created this playroom for her boys. The two beds in the nook are great for overnight visitors, and the rug gives the space a whimsical look.

  • Modular Playroom

    The modular storage in this bright playroom allows RMS user mommy2peanut to change the look of the room while making it easy to clean up.

  • Dr. Seuss-Inspired Playroom

    RMS user SoCalMelissa's father painted this mural for his grandson. The Dr. Seuss-themed mural can grow with any child for years.

  • Football Lovers' Paradise

    RMS user domnac was creative when it came to creating a playroom for sports-loving boys. With the artificial turf to the stadium-like lighting, the only thing missing from this playroom are screaming fans.

  • Bringing the Outdoors In

    The mural on the wall brings the outdoors in and is the perfect backdrop for a nature-loving boy. The airplane banner adds a nice personal touch to this playful room. Submitted by RMS user MPuget.

  • Fun With Numbers

    Create your own fun by painting number blocks and installing floating shelves like RMS user tiffanycooley did. The bins add color and storage to the room.

  • Nonstop Fun

    This fun-filled playroom submitted by RMS user mom2grant is perfect for a little boy who loves cars. Every aspect of the room fits into the transportation theme.

  • Clutter-Free Fun

    A playroom filled with many activities doesn't have to be cluttered. Baskets are a great way to store several toys and games, and they give the room a clean and tidy look. Submitted by RMS user 2boysmomma.

  • Interactive Playroom

    This two-level playhouse submitted by RMS user jenpalbrach allows a child to be imaginative and active. The brightly-colored walls create a fun atmosphere.

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