Teen Boy Bedrooms

Teen boys need a space of their own to relax, hang out with friends and get lots of sleep in. Check out these photos of teen boy bedrooms to get ideas on decorating your son's room.

  • Moeller Bedroom floral wallpaper

    Poster Focal Point

    The large framed poster above the bed is the focal point of this teen's bedroom, bringing in the only source of bold color. Design by Michael Moeller.

  • Mykea Retrotech Amplifiers Wall Decals

    Play DJ

    Music enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to customize standard Ikea furniture with these DJ-themed decals. Use the drawers to store a vinyl collection or just clothes. It's cool either way! Photo courtesy of Mykea

  • Sport Bedroom

    Caddy Shack

    Got a teen boy who's always hitting the links? Designer Laura Bendik amped up the argyle here as a nod to the pasttime. Golf clubs mounted over the bed are also a fun accent.

  • Blik Haring decals, Brown Headboard, on HGTV

    A Headboard That's Not Boring

    Teens' tastes are always changing, and what's hot one day is so over the next. Luckily, decal headboards are an easy way to to change up the look of a room without spending a fortune to keep up with trends. Photo courtesy of Blik Wall Graphics

  • Dali Wall Decals, VW Beetle, on HGTV Marketplace

    License to Drive

    There's nothing more exciting for a teen than finally getting that driver's license. Celebrate their newfound freedom with a wall decal of their favorite vintage car. Photo courtesy of Dali Wall Decals

  • Blik Haring Decals, Donkey Kong, Featured on HGTV

    Game On

    Wall decals are also a great way to break up the space in a room. Create an arcade corner with a TV, their favorite gaming system and decals of retro video game characters. (Beanbag chairs optional.) Photo courtesy of Blik Wall Graphics

  • Surfer Boy Bedroom

    Surf's Up

    This surfer's room is perfect for the beach-loving boy. RMS user lizardshop used a projector to trace and paint the mural on the wall.

  • circular shaped contemporary bedroom

    Energy All Around

    The round shape of this room, designed by Yvonne Lane, adds some dimension, and the dark, bold color scheme brings energy into the room.

  • Gadget-Friendly Bedroom

    Designer Candice Olson designed this hip bedroom for a gadget-loving teen. Not only is this a cool bedroom, but also a fun place to hang out with friends.

  • Orange Bedroom with Platform Bed

    A Bold, Modern Look

    RMS user flgirlaol designed this bold, colorful room for her son. The furniture and accessories give the space a modern look.

  • Bascon basketball themed bedroom

    Slam-Dunk Bedroom

    Allow your teen to express his hobbies with a themed bedroom, like this basketball-themed room. The bold colors along with the life-size sticker on the wall make this space a fun hangout. Design by Courtland Bascon.

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