10 Girly Teen Bedrooms

Every teen girl has her own style and taste, whether it's feminine or sassy. Check out these great teen girl bedrooms for ideas on decorating your teen's space.

  • bold and sassy girls room

    From Tween to Teen

    This contemporary room designed by Lauren Jacobsen is filled with different tones of pinks and greens that will easily transition from tween years to teen years.

  • Bright Teen Bedroom

    Bright Bohemian Style

    Don't like the traditional pink for a teen girl bedroom? Add some bohemian style with flower-print bedding for an artistic look, like designer Judith Balis did in this bedroom.

  • bed after wide

    Modern Balance

    This modern-style bedroom is great for the older teen. The minimal decor mixed with the large, bold headboard and bright colors creates the perfect balance.

  • DeLeon pink black bedroom

    Glitzy Youth

    This room is filled with glitz and glamour. Designer Vanessa DeLeon mixed bold accessories, like the mirrored furniture and chandelier sticker, with subtle green walls to create a youthful look.

  • Hampton girls bedroom

    Patterns Galore

    A mixture of patterns, decor and colors makes this teen girl's room a place of her own. The whimsical artwork brings all the colors together.

  • Colorful Girl's Bedroom

    Tropical Fun

    Bold colors in this teen bedroom give this space a fun, tropical theme, while polka dots and flower prints create a feminine touch.

  • Pink Bedroom for Two

    Bright Against White

    Designer Andreea Avram Rusu combines eclectic art with colorful bedding, which adds bright color to this mostly white bedroom.

  • Natalie Olivias bedroom after

    Sassy in Pink

    The hot-pink wall color mixed with black accessories allows a sassy teen to express herself. The black headboard adds an artistic touch to the otherwise bare wall.

  • laurens bedroom after

    Sharing the Same Style

    Sharing a room can be fun. The twin beds on opposite sides of the room give each girl her space, but are close enough for them to hang out.

  • Girl's Blue Bedroom by Isabella and Max Rooms

    Happy and Bright

    Using cheerful, bright colors in this bedroom, submitted by RMS user isabellaandmaxrooms, would make any girl want to spend time in her room.

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