Rugs for Kids' Rooms

Kids love to romp around on the floor, so it's important that they have a comfortable and safe space to do so. Adding rugs to a child's room is an easy and inexpensive way to provide them with stylish decor and a place to play.

  • Crawl Space

    RMS user MyLittleCupcake used these fluffy, red dots to provide a plush place for junior to crawl around on.

  • jak1975-hello-kitty-girls-room

    Spot On

    A little girl's Hello Kitty-inspired room features circular pink rugs.

  • Circular Reasoning

    A series of graphic circular rugs create interest in this shared room.

  • Kids Rooms EXPO Washable neon board

    Rug Rats

    A large, colorful rug provides a stylish area for small children to play on.

  • Kids Rooms Orange Boy Bedroom

    Smooth Transition

    Rooms for older children should include rugs that are more grown-up, but still colorful and fun. The multicolored stripes in this long rug are the perfect piece to graduate from playdates to homework.

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