Science-Lab Playroom

A dull playroom is transformed into a cool science lab for two young boys.

Color Spectrum

Science posters and maps also brighten the space and give the boys reference materials they'll use for years to come. The boys' desk chair is repainted bright blue and paired with a new computer desk.

Makeover products
human-body chart, laminated periodic table, insect-classification poster: Ward's Natural Science
ant farm: Steve Spangler Science
sharks of the United States poster: Argus-Mariner Consulting Scientists
paint: Behr - Castle Moat 580-6 (ceiling), Clear Water 530 C-2 (upper wall blue), Azurean 530 B-5 (ocean blue), Tart Apple 420B-4 (green stripe), Bloomsberry 640 B-5 (lavender stripe), Blaze Orange 260B (orange stripe) - all eggshell finish
bucket for pulley system: Target
supplies for solar system: A.C. Moore
club soda vortex experiment: Giant Food
window shades: Ayers Hardware
lumber for aquarium wall: The Home Depot


    • Matt Cosgrove
      Carpenter, Cosgrove Carpentry
      We apologize no contact information is available.
    • James Koster
      Architect, James Koster Architect, PLLC
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