Science-Lab Playroom

A dull playroom is transformed into a cool science lab for two young boys.

Dino Timeline

A variety of color divides each era and helps brighten up the room. Cardboard cut-outs of the dinos are painted then adhered to the wall within their proper timeframe.

Makeover products
human-body chart, laminated periodic table, insect-classification poster: Ward's Natural Science
ant farm: Steve Spangler Science
sharks of the United States poster: Argus-Mariner Consulting Scientists
paint: Behr - Castle Moat 580-6 (ceiling), Clear Water 530 C-2 (upper wall blue), Azurean 530 B-5 (ocean blue), Tart Apple 420B-4 (green stripe), Bloomsberry 640 B-5 (lavender stripe), Blaze Orange 260B (orange stripe) - all eggshell finish
bucket for pulley system: Target
supplies for solar system: A.C. Moore
club soda vortex experiment: Giant Food
window shades: Ayers Hardware
lumber for aquarium wall: The Home Depot


    • Matt Cosgrove
      Carpenter, Cosgrove Carpentry
      We apologize no contact information is available.
    • James Koster
      Architect, James Koster Architect, PLLC
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