10 Themed Bedrooms for Kids

Parents, roll up your sleeves. A combination of creative thinking and a little elbow grease can transform your child's room from a boring box into a stimulating sanctuary. These rooms are as much fun to decorate as they are to live in.

  • For children who love to keep their noses buried in books, this library loft is a fairy-tale ending.
  • The underwater mural is what makes this room extra special.
  • This nautical room combines oceanic interests and learning.
  • No details was overlooked in the design of this room, giving the space an out-of-this-world effect.
  • This colorful bed brightens up the room while complementing the theme with muted sky blues and sunset golds.
  • With its fun femininity, this room is sure to delight any little girl who loves stories of faraway lands and happy endings.
  • This room is perfect for any little earth enthusiast.
  • Children can build from floor to ceiling in this LEGO-covered room.
  • This global theme room can help children learn about the world beyond their home.
  • This room is sure to appeal to any budding artist.
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