Hip Playroom For Toddlers

A toddler kid room goes from white to colorful, with toy trains, plenty of toy storage and a hip kid interior design.

Playful Fabrics

The parents' pillow art project sits on a bench to the left, while the new futon provides even more seating. Designer Kevin Perez's painting hangs above the futon.

Basisk floor lamp — Ikea
linens — Burlington Coat Factory
fabric (duck novelty print) — G Street Fabrics


    • Storage, frame and lamp from Ikea
    • Cushion (memory foam pad) from Linens 'n Things
    • Matt Cosgrove
      Carpenter, Cosgrove Carpentry
      We apologize no contact information is available.
    • Kevin Perez
      Artist, Designer
      Website: www.kevinperez.com
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