Broadway-Inspired Playroom

Two opposing Geminis find a balance between the spotlight and the need for peace and quiet.

  • In Long Island, 11-year-old Danny and his mom, Colleen, are two Geminis who can't agree on what to do with their unorganized playroom. They may have twin signs but they're very different; Colleen, a Pisces rising, is strong but admits she has a shy side and wants to see a subdued playroom with a sitting area, whereas Danny, a Cancer rising, loves being the center of attention and wants a stage and a microphone.
  • Interior designer Nicole Facciuto creates a stage flanked by red theater curtains underneath the window.
  • Even though they have different ideas on how the room should be decorated, both agree the space needs more storage and more organization.
  • The What's Your Sign? Design team place the existing bookcases in the far corner along with the new trunk, which provides more storage for the room. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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