Broadway-Inspired Playroom

Two opposing Geminis find a balance between the spotlight and the need for peace and quiet.

After: Perfect Arrangement

A new homework station will be perfect for the boy and Colleen has a comfy seating area for reading. Now, the room fits both sides of this mother and son Gemini duo.

curtain fabric - Zarin Fabrics & Home Furnishings
karaoke machine
(CDG, #3203071, 5.5 STVG-512); microphone stand (3300335); mono cable (4202379) - Radio Shack
film strip frames
(DROPS, 20024514); curtain hardware (Kvadrant, 00079362); boxes with lids (Kassett, 20024514); desk (VIKA, 84609085) - Ikea
children's costumes - Burlington Coat Factory
track lighting
(008938246101) - Home Depot

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