Kid's Theater

A cluttered basement is given a colorful kid's makeover with zones for acting, art and storage.

After: Cluttered to Colorful

The room is given a healthy dose of color and divided into zones to maximize the large room. The bar at the far end is converted into an art station and colorful squares are mimicked on the front of the it. Daybeds give Emma the sleepover space she asked for and a stage at the opposite end (not pictured) gives both Hank and Emma a place to act out their scenes.

Makeover Information

Expedit bookcase - Ikea
fabrics, theater curtains - JoAnn Fabrics
paint - Home Depot, Behr, Moss Landing, 410D-6; Exotic Bloom, 680B-6; Fire Island, 190B-7; Shoreline Green, 480B-4

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