Colorful, Nurturing Nursery

Cassie Nehring and Brett White want a colorful and cozy space where they can spend quality time with their baby, Elia. The Design on a Dime team takes on the challenge of creating a nurturing nursery for less than $1,000.


Design coordinator Dave Sheinkopf strings genuine amethyst beads onto monofilament and then hot glues the strands to the edge of a simple white lampshade. The lamp is placed on a simple round accent table that is covered in coordinating fabric. The lamp is screwed to the table from underneath, and the table is secured to the floor with an L-bracket to make it impervious to little tugs that could otherwise cause it to topple over.


    • Rocking chair from North Hollywood Thrift Store
    • Bookcases from Culver City Furniture
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