Nautical Nursery

An expectant couple's East Coast heritage inspires a colorful, nautical nursery. See what colors promote good sleeping and learning for babies in this dramatic nursery makeover.

Before: Mellow Yellow

James and Rachel are having their first baby in six weeks and need to turn their bland room into a colorful nursery. They'd love to try using bright colors but are afraid of surprises — the only one they're looking forward to is whether the baby is a boy or a girl. They're both from the East coast and want to incorporate the vivid hues of the ocean and boating into the room.

The couple had painted the room a pale yellow, which shows their hesitancy with color. It doesn't reflect who they are, and it's not the first impression they want to make on their baby. They want to bring some vibrant energy into the room but are afraid of creating a bright, gaudy space.

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