Romantic Floral Bedroom

Designer Heather McManus created a romantic bedroom by mixing a vintage vibe with modern touches.

  • Vintage Vibe

    A dainty vanity set adds to the romantic, feminine feel of the room.

  • Detailed Bedroom Set

    Floral bedding and a classic headboard are ideal accents in the feminine space.

  • Have a Seat

    An elegant sitting area provides the perfect space for relaxing in style.

  • Dream-Like Colors

    The room's blue-green pastel walls and accent colors give the space a dreamy vibe.

  • Touch of Modernism

    The wall art over the chaise lounge adds a modern vibe to the space.

  • Elegant Nightstand

    The detailed side table provides enough room for a lamp, alarm clock and other decor.

  • Small Details

    Added features, like fancy throw pillows, wall art and an ornate side table, all provide a finished look to the room.

  • Feminine Perfection

    The finished look of the room is perfectly romantic. Details like floral patterns, a vintage vanity and a mirrored armoire all add to the overall look of the space.

  • Floral Window Treatments

    Floral drapes accent the bedroom windows.

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