Dreamy Guest Cottage

Designer Sarah Barnard gave this guest room and patio area a sense of home, giving it traditional touches to make it feel like a cozy oasis.

  • Restful Retreat

    With natural light shining into this traditional, peaceful yellow suite we say who wouldn't want to visit these homeowners?

  • Accessible Furniture

    The bedside table is at the perfect height for reaching for a book or easily switching off the lamp.

  • Comfy Bedding

    Plush pillows and gorgeously detailed yellow bedding make the bed a welcoming place for resting.

  • Double Doors

    Open French doors show off the room's wood flooring, detailed closet spaces and comfy seating area.

  • Take a Dip

    French doors just off the bedroom make it easy to go from sleeping to sitting poolside.

  • Sitting Poolside

    Kick back and relax in these patio arm chairs –– complete with matching ottomans –– before taking a dip in the pool.

  • Greenery Details

    Carefully chosen flowers, trees and other plants accent the contemporary shape of the pool.

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