Contemporary Urban Bedroom

Designer Tara Benet creates a relaxing retreat in New York City with contemporary furniture and gray-and-white color scheme.

  • Minimalist Bedroom

    Sleek, contemporary furniture in a minimalist color palette is used to create a calming, low-key bedroom design. Since the homeowner loves water, designer Tara Benet hangs a ocean-view picture above the bed. It acts as a focal point of the room, while also adding a subtle touch of color.

  • Warm Contemporary

    To warm up the gray-and-white color palette, shades of brown are incorporated into the design through the flooring, dresser and mirror. The contemporary dresser is made of blackened bronze and features a solid walnut front.

  • Mirror With a View

    Benet places a floor mirror to disguise the structural column in the corner of the room. It helps to open up the small bedroom without obstructing the view of the city.

  • Simple Nightstands

    Low, open nightstands fit in perfectly with the minimalist design of the bedroom, while providing storage and surface area for bedtime essentials.

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