10 Creative Headboard Ideas From Rate My Space

There's no better (or easier) way to make a statement in a bedroom than with a bold headboard. With DIY projects and inspirational designs, we've selected some of our favorite headboard ideas from the savviest bedrooms in Rate My Space.

  • Bed With White Tufted Headboard

    Simply White

    Simple designs can be chic and elegant. RMS user ThriftyChic created a stylish new look for this guest bedroom with less than $400 — including this crisp, DIY headboard.

  • Plush and Neutral Bedroom

    Supersized Chic

    This isn't your average headboard. For maximum impact in this hotel suite, designer and RMS user mgreader upholstered the entire back wall to create a dramatic look and also enhance the wooden ceiling and brick fireplace.

  • Robin's Egg Blue Girls Room

    Framed by Curtains

    Instead of a traditional headboard, RMS user IsabellaandMaxRooms flanked the bed with two sets of curtains. Matching table lamps and an elegant crystal chandelier complete the room's young and chic look.

  • Stylish Black Headboard

    Floor-to-Ceiling Style

    This headboard has an important job in RMS user 4oclock's small studio: creating a distinct focal point for the sleeping area that also feels separate from the adjacent living space. The trick is going all the way to the ceiling, which created a visual contrast from the lines of the couch.

  • Red Fabric Headboard

    Fiery Red

    This custom headboard, including six separate panels stretching vertically up the back wall, not only completes the look of the bed but also creates a focal point for the entire room. Design by RMS user khime_4824103

  • French-Style Bedroom With Gilded Headboard

    French Replica

    When RMS user LuluD couldn't find the antique French headboard she envisioned, this one was made with European elegance in mind. With height to spare, the gold details make a gorgeous combination.

  • Black and White Girls Bedroom

    Strong and Soft

    The contrast between the wall stripes and the dainty print on the headboard really makes this room pop. The combination of teal, black and white allows this space to represent virtually any age. Design by RMS user mom23

  • Bed With Beach Inspired Headboard

    Borrow From the Beach

    To create this inexpensive yet eye-catching headboard, RMS user BeverlyBisso created a perfectly natural combination with three pieces of cedar and grass thatching. The result? A $75 headboard with a coastal feel.

  • Bed With Bronze Fabric Headboard

    Best Bargain

    This $7 headboard gets our vote for best bargain. Using materials she already had on hand (a wood sod pallet, cardboard and leftover carpet padding), the only thing RMS user Perri had to buy was a few dollars' worth of remnant fabric. Looks like a million bucks to us!

  • Bed Headboard With Slipcover

    Secret Slipcover

    RMS user theycallmemartha wasn't happy with the headboard in her guest bedroom. So instead of buying a new one, she simply designed a slipcover to fit right over the old one. Together with her husband, they easily transformed the look of the bed — and the room — with padding, fabric and a few buttons.

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