20 Over-the-Top Headboards

An extraordinary headboard commands attention in a bedroom. Have fun and be bold when choosing a headboard for your bedroom.

  • Rockin' Green

    It's hard to believe this contemporary bedroom is for a preteen girl. The design incorporates the girl's favorite colors and patterns. The bright green headboard adds to her love of rock 'n' roll music. Design by Jennifer Jones.

  • Bright Focal Point

    The bright red satin headboard complements the chocolate-colored bedding in this bedroom. Designer John Gidding uses the red color to create a bright focal point.

  • Stylish Illusion

    This upholstered headboard designed by Brooke Ulrich carries through to the bedside tables, creating the illusion of a bigger space. The pattern on the headboard along with the colors in the bedding contribute to the contemporary design.

  • Apple of My Eye

    Designer Celia Berliner chose a fresh apple green color to offset the crisp white bedding in this bedroom. The bright color of the suede headboard makes for a cheerful space.

  • Dennis guest bedroom

    Luxurious Leather

    Designer Lori Dennis created the ultimate luxury space in this guest bedroom. White leather is used throughout the room, including on the headboard and bed skirt.

  • A Teen Dream Come True

    Designer Barbara Matson designed a bedroom any teen girl would love. The bright red headboard has diamond tufting that gives it a more luxurious and polished look while the polyester silk accents the room perfectly.

  • Separating Spaces

    When you have a large bedroom the possibilities are endless. Designer Ann Grasso used this large, custom headboard to define the sleeping area from the sitting area in this master suite.

  • Retreat and relax with class

    Silk Wall

    The upholstered silk wall replaces the need for a traditional headboard, and the texture complements the adjacent brick wall. Design by Jaymes Richardson.

  • Center of Attention

    This headboard is a piece of art in itself. The gray tones against the terra-cotta background and the rectangular design bring attention straight to the bed. Design by John Gidding.

  • Dual-Purpose Headboard

    Headboards can serve more than one purpose. This headboard also acts as a built-in desk for the office located behind it.

  • Neutral Serenity

    This custom-designed headboard was inspired by a serene, Zen-like surrounding. The neutral tone used on the headboard, in combination with the rich espresso wood, creates a striking backdrop that really makes everything pop. Design by Studio M.

  • beasley gray beige guest bedroom

    Velvet Coziness

    Designer Troy Beasley wanted to design a guest bedroom that would receive guests in style and comfort. The gray tones of the custom-made headboard and bedding complement the terra-cotta accents in the window treatments.

  • Double the Fun

    Designer Leslie Williams used two headboards to create a one-of-a-kind design. One headboard is attached to the bed while the other spans the entire back wall. The suede material gives the room a luxurious, rich look while also adding texture.

  • Serge elegant bedroom

    Upholstered Resolution

    The oversize wall in this bedroom was overbearing, so designer Genoveve Serge solved the problem with a custom headboard and an upholstered screen to add strong design elements to the vast wall space.

  • beasley round headboard

    Shining Gold

    The modern design in this bedroom is centered on the headboard. The design of the velvet headboard allows for the gold draperies to shine through while adding a combination of textures. Design by Troy Beasley.

  • Icy Blue Comfort

    The inspiration for this fabulous tufted headboard was sleek sophistication with a healthy dose of comfort. A cool, icy blue suede was used to complement the contemporary bedroom and provide a gorgeous backdrop for the toffee- and ice-colored bedding. Tufting not only creates a wonderfully comfortable surface for reading in bed, but the repetition adds purpose and style to any type of decor. Design by Studio M.

  • Slanted Slumber

    The slanted headboard in this bedroom designed by John Gidding elongates the room. The built-in lights are perfect for reading a book in bed or creating a peaceful ambiance.

  • Reaching New Heights

    To bring a dramatic focal point into this bedroom, designer Janell Beals installed a full-height, upholstered headboard that reaches the ceiling. To balance its height, she selected tall coordinating lamps to place on either side of the bed.

  • flea market headboard find

    Extravagant Finds

    A headboard can often be the inspiration of a bedroom design. Designer Jean Alan used this iron window screen she found in a Parisian flea market as inspiration to design the rest of the extravagant master bedroom.

  • King-Size Dreams

    A king-size bed calls for a large headboard. RMS user mgreader upholstered an entire wall that acts as the headboard in this master suite.

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