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Bedding Glossary

Use this handy reference guide to help choose the right bedding for you.

Baffle box (or box construction)-A type of construction for a down comforter that places walls of fabric perpendicular to the top and bottom panel of the comforter, creating a series of boxes that enclose the down; considered superior to "sewn-through" stitching, in which stitches go through the down and connect the top and bottom panels directly

Bedskirt (or dust ruffle)-This decorative fabric piece skirts the bed on three sides and can be used functionally to hide stored items underneath

Bolster-A cylindrical throw pillow so named because it can be used to support the neck

Boudoir pillow-A small rectangular throw pillow

Combed cotton-Cotton that has been combed to remove short fibers so that only long fibers remain, making a strong, soft yarn

Comforter-A thick bed covering packed with down or synthetic fill and usually quilted; does not require a fabric cover

A bed covering that is generally thinner and lighter than a comforter

Duvet-Term used alternately to refer to a thick comforter filled with down, one that requires a fabric covering, or the fabric covering itself, so check packaging carefully to be sure what you're getting

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