A Case of the Warm Cozies

A dull master bedroom is transformed into an earth-toned retreat

A custom wardrobe and a homemade drum pendant light add a personal touch. The pendant light is simple to make, and if you’re so inclined, here’s how:

Materials and Tools:

aluminum flashing
electric hand drill
painter’s tape
scrap wood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
large drum-light form
pendant light kit


1. Lay out the flashing over the scrap wood, and tape the edges of the flashing down with painter’s tape. If you’re making more than one pendant light, flip the wood over and attach the second piece of flashing to line up with the back of the first piece.
2. Use the painter’s tape to tape out a pattern on the flashing.
3. Drill holes into the flashing with the electric hand drill.
4. With the flashing detached from the wood, roll the flashing around the drum light form. Glue the flashing ends down.
5. Install the pendant light kit and hang.

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