Dreamy Bedroom Mirrors

Adding mirrors to a bedroom can create an energetic or relaxing feel based on how you use them. Browse these photos for great bedroom mirror designs.

  • Dennis meditation room

    Three's Company

    These three large mirrors in this meditation room, designed by Lori Dennis, create a subdued look while adding light to the space.

  • Moeller gray bedroom storage

    Double Squares

    The square-shaped mirrors work in contrast with the triangular headboard, which makes a great visual. Design by Michael Moeller.

  • Bright Focal Point

    The starburst mirror above this bed creates a bright focal point. Design by Erinn Valencich.

  • Energetic Mirror

    A large mirror brings energy into a room. Curtains surround it to bring the energy down when it's time to relax.

  • guest room has versatile furnishings

    Artsy Mirror

    Mirrors can be as artistic as paintings. Choose a mirror that has a design within it to add an extra punch of style, like Designer Erinn Valencich did in this guest bedroom.

  • Rethink Design Studio white bedroom mirrors

    Round Reflectors

    Decorating a bedroom with several round mirrors is a great display and covers up an entire wall. Submitted by RMSer Rethink Design Studio.

  • organic and serene describe guest room ambience

    Oversized Modern Style

    Designer Kim Smart placed an oversized mirror on the wall to carry out the modern grass-cloth wall treatment throughout the space.

  • Mirrored Door

    A door of mirrors makes a small space feel more open and inviting.

  • unique furnishings in custom bedroom

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

    Lean a full-length mirror against the wall for a casual yet sophisticated look. Design by Andreas Charalambous.

  • vacation master bedroom retreat

    A Reflection of Natural Light

    The full-length mirror in the corner of this minimalistic room designed by Lori Dennis reflects the light from the window on the opposite side.

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