Throws in the Bedroom

Give your room or guest room an inviting look with a throw. Browse through these bedroom throws for inspiration.

  • A Bold Statement

    A patterned, bold throw creates a point of interest in a neutral room.

  • A Whimsical Throw

    Mixing patterns and colors with throws adds a whimsical look to a kid's room.

  • An Ottoman Throw

    A throw doesn't have to be placed on a bed. Drape a throw across an ottoman in a guest room to make visitors feel welcome.

  • A Spa-Like Look

    Pick a throw in a soothing color to give the bedroom a spa-like, beachy feel.

  • Crisscross Fun

    Not satisfied with one throw? Crisscross two throws for a fun look.

  • Throw in a Basket

    Place a throw in a basket at the foot of the bed for a beach-like look. Photo courtesy of Universal Furniture.

  • Keeping Warm

    This faux-fur throw from Wildcat Territory is a great addition to the bedroom during cold winter nights.

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