8 Styles of White Bedrooms

Do white right, no matter your style, with bright ideas from these alluring bedrooms.

  • Eclectic Bedroom

    When used purposefully, white can become part of a bedroom's landscape. Designer Chris Barrett highlights this bedroom's adjoining garden by starting with white walls and adding textured fabrics. A green toile headboard, bedskirt and chair look perfectly at home in this streamlined room.

  • Classic Bedroom

    Being stuck with apartment-white walls isn't such a bad thing. Just think of the walls as a canvas. This renter makes a beautiful design statement by hanging a quilt behind the bed. White bedding and a scrollwork bed make the paint color look planned.

  • Minimalist Bedroom

    Use white to put the focus on your bedroom's assets. In this case, designer Andreas Charalambous highlights the wood flooring and stunning modern bed with white walls, linens and a plush, white shag rug. Photo by Geoffrey Hodgdon.

  • Traditional Bedroom

    White and blue is a classic color scheme for any room, but using it as a monochromatic palette in a bedroom makes it especially cozy and soothing as seen in this design by Sue Adams. Create your own light, bright monochromatic bedroom with an almost-white pastel blue on the walls and crisp white bedding. Photo by Sam Gray.

  • Modern Bedroom

    Thanks to white walls and bedding, this small apartment in San Francisco looks anything but tiny. In fact, it's easy to miss the wall of drapery to the left, or the wall-mounted TV to the right, because the color helps draw the eye forward into the artwork.

  • Beach Bedroom

    White is a staple for creating a beachy look in the bedroom. Paired with pale blue accessories, a vintage chandelier and a distressed headboard and you'd never guess this room is actually located in the middle of a desert.

  • Rustic Chic Bedroom

    Add white trim and bedding into a wood-filled space, and consider a gauzy canopy to soften paneling or logs. An unexpected blue color on the ceiling brings the ocean into the woods.

  • Romantic Bedroom

    To draw attention to architectural elements, paint them white and choose other colors to fill the room. This tone-on-tone bedroom by designer Camille Forte is plush, warm and romantic, an ambience that's harder to create with white alone.

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