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Build an Under-Bed Storage Box

This box is built with wheels so it can easily slide underneath the bed.

Tools and Materials:
one sheet of medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
wood glue
two colors of paint and painter’s tape
spray adhesive
1/4” piece of luan
miter saw
table saw or circular saw
drill and wood screws

1. Cut four pieces of MDF to 6” x 32”.

2. On two of the pieces, cut two channels about a 1/2" apart to allow for the two sliding top pieces.

3. Cut the bottom piece for the storage box at 32” x 32”.

4. Using spray adhesive, attach the fabric to the bottom piece.

5. Glue and screw the back side pieces to the bottom to create a three-sided box. The two pieces with the channel grooves are the side pieces.

6. Attach the casters to the underside of the bottom piece.

7. For top two sliding pieces, cut the luan to 18” x 32”.

8. Paint the luan with your base color (we used brown). Let it dry completely. Tape off squares with painter’s tape and paint over with your accent color (we used orange). Let dry.

9. Slide the top pieces into the two channels of the side pieces.

10. Cut finger holes into the two top pieces.

11. Attach the last side piece.

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