Soothing, Stylish Bedroom

Being environmentally aware doesn't mean having to sacrifice style. The 24 Hour Design team redesigns a bedroom using all earth-friendly, renewable products.

After: Calm, Cool and Eco-Friendly

Soothing, casual style is about creating a sanctuary that feels comfortable and easy. Cool, calming colors like blues and warm whites are used throughout the room. The bed wall is painted the darkest blue to anchor the room. All the paint used is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it costs a little bit more, but emits a much lower amount of toxins into the atmosphere.

The new, luxurious bedding and window treatments on the floor-to-ceiling windows (right) are all made from organic cotton and pure vegetable dyes. Even the dog bed is earth-friendly; it is made from recycled soda bottles. The secondhand nightstands are refinished using all-natural materials (see Recycled Bedside Tables photo).

The tiny windows on both sides of the bed are small and awkward. Window shades are made from all renewable items. The frame of the shade is made from bamboo. The shade is made from handmade paper and is tied onto the frame with hemp cord. The wall art between the windows was crafted by randomly nailing pieces of scrap wood the wall.

Makeover products

wall art: Ikea – PJ Tteryd
lamps: Anthropologie – Curio Silver
brown and blue blankets: Ikea – Indira
duvet: Macy's – 732994824064
dog bed: Muttropolis
ceiling fan: Lowe's – Harbor Breeze
paint: ICI Dulux Lifemaster – Shale (light blue), Muslin (dark blue), and White
bedding: Organic Interior Design

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