Bedroom Design Don'ts

Get expert decorating solutions that, no matter what your decorating style, will help transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you crave.

Don't Bring the Everyday Into the Bedroom

A beeping cell phone; the ping of incoming e-mail; exercise equipment that seems to stare at you in silent judgment; and the drone of the nightly news turn the bedroom into yet another space where you have things to accomplish and responsibilities to fulfill. So check your cell phone, pager and PDA at the bedroom door. While you're at it, banish your treadmill, laptop and work files. Consider moving out the TV, too. "The less you can plug in, the better," says designer Lori Dennis. "The only things that should be going on in the bedroom are reading, sleeping and romance."

Be vigilant about keeping out these nagging reminders of the outside world, and you'll create a cherished place to relax and renew. In other words, a true sanctuary.

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