Bedroom Design Don'ts

Get expert decorating solutions that, no matter what your decorating style, will help transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you crave.

Don't Forget a Cozy Sitting Spot

A quiet place to sit and read — or to sip your morning tea while you gaze out the window — is a wonderful gift to yourself. If the space in your bedroom allows, tuck a cushy armchair and footrest (or a pair, if you can fit them), a small table and a reading lamp into an unused corner or at the foot of your bed to create a reading or sitting area.

Not enough room? Window seats save floor space and make the most of natural light and views, so consider a built-in bench under the bedroom window. Lori Dennis recommends an upholstered headboard to make the bed more comfortable for sitting up. At the very least, Shelly Riehl David says, "put a bench at the end of the bed so you have a place to sit down and untie your shoes."

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