Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Feng shui -- which literally translates to "wind and water" -- is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Try these nine feng shui principles in your bedroom to promote rest and relaxation.

  • The restful colors, soft lighting, symmetry, luxurious linens and furniture placement in this Ann Wisniewski-designed bedroom are all examples of good feng shui — and of simple, beautiful design.
  • Feng shui experts say that touches of "passion colors" like red and pink in the bedroom are a recipe for romance. Design by Douglas Dolezal and Robert Miller.
  • Locating the bed away from doors against a solid wall and headboard imparts a feeling of safety and security. Design by Shelly Riehl-David.
  • A rounded nightstand, like the one in this bedroom designed by Lori Dennis, won't subject you to the "poison arrows" (harmful energy) that a square or rectangular one would, feng shui practitioners say.
  • The uncluttered simplicity of this Andreas Charalambous-designed bedroom gives it a calm, serene ambiance.
  • A folding screen blocks a desk or other reminders of day-to-day stress-inducers from view. Design by Lin Lee.
  • The symmetry of the bedside tables and lamps — as well as the hints of red used on and around the bed — roll out the symbolic welcome mat for romance in this room designed by Ann Wisniewski.
  • Beautiful or inspiring art — such as the pieces hung in this room designed by Andreas Charalambous — bring joy and positive energy into the room.
  • Light from a variety of sources, such as the bedside pendants and custom-headboard uplights in this room designed by Andreas Charalambous, let you adjust bedroom illumination to suit your mood.
  • Soft, sumptuous fabrics and delicious tastes turn the bedroom into a treat for your senses. Design by Ammie Kim.
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