Easy Ways to Refresh Your Living Room for Spring

The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. Update your living room for spring by integrating bold patterns, seasonal hues and fresh accessories. Feeling ambitious? Tackle to-do list you've put on the backburner.

Light and Bright Living Room Rustic White Photography

Swap Accessories

A simple swap of accessories can give a room a much-needed shift in personality. Here, a collection of purple bottles displayed on a ceramic tray refreshes the tone-on-tone color scheme of the living room.

Light and Bright Living Room Rustic White Photography

Add Textural Throws

In addition to color, texture is a great way to spruce up a living room. Choose chunky blankets with interesting textures which read well from far away. The inclusion of nubby texture will make a space feel more cozy.

Light and Bright Living Room Rustic White Photography

Integrate Pattern

Homeowners intimidated by pattern on walls or floors will find throw pillows much easier to work with. To spice up a living room, consider patterned pillows which introduce the room's dominant hue as well as fresh, new accent colors. These accents can be enhanced by placing accessories in the same tones throughout the space.

Light and Bright Living Room Rustic White Photography

Add More Lighting

Give a room an updated look with new lighting. Permanent fixtures require electrical knowledge or hiring a professional, but floor lamps are a quick and easy addition. Floor lamps not only update a living room's lighting plan, but also fill voids in corners and introduce texture and sheen.

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Ditch the Armoires

A drastic way to make a room feel lighter and brighter is by removing bulky furniture. It's much more practical to install TVs on walls rather than housing them in armoires or on top of media stands. A 42-inch, flat-panel TV is properly proportioned for most standard fireplaces but will likely require additional electrical outlets and cable hookups above the mantel.

Light and Bright Living Room Rustic White Photography

Update the Fireplace Surround

Homes with contractor-grade mantels and dated brick fireplaces can quickly be modernized with light-toned paint. Here, the fireplace's red brick surround was instantly softened with blue-white paint in a flat finish. To help it stand out, the mantel was painted a few shades darker than the walls using a semi-gloss.

Rustic White Photography

Give Windows a Seasonal Scrub

After harsh winters, windows are typically covered in dust and grime. Give your windows a professional cleaning by mixing vinegar and hot water together in a bucket, then applying the solution to windows with newspaper. This will ensure a streak-free shine.

Light and Bright Living Room Rustic White Photography

Lighten Ceilings

Update your ceiling by painting it 60 percent lighter than living room walls. This will create an enveloped feeling while continuing to bounce natural light around the room.

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