Red Contemporary Living Room

Designer Paisley McDonald gave this living room a lively update, infusing artistic patterns and pops of orange-red color to bring it to life.

  • Mix-and-Match Patterns

    When the owner's requested a design that looked like it was put together by a professional, Designer Paisley McDonald paired a wide range of textures, colors and patterns to achieve the look.

  • Inspired Art

    Funky wall art adds fun texture to the sitting area.

  • Infused with Color

    McDonald used pops of playful fabric to infuse texture into the once bland living room.

  • Everything in Place

    An overhead of the living area provides an interesting viewpoint of the space.

  • In Focus

    A stunning wall hanging adds a definite focal point above the fireplace.

  • Overhead Elegance

    A stunning chandelier provides a glam effect for the room.

  • Mirrored Illusion

    A perfectly placed mirror adds dimension to the room.

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