Traditional Living Room Mixes Old with New

Designer Shelley Rodner mixed old furniture pieces with new style in this traditional living room.

  • Before

    Before, sofa was repositioned to open up the bank of windows.

  • After

    A small living room required careful editing; all the furnishings were existing, but Rodner removed some tables.

  • Mirror, Mirror

    Fun, accent mirrors with concave design add a nice focal point rather than a conventional mirror and “balance” out the wall.

  • All the Trimmings

    The green painted walls and draperies—both new choices—came about because of the neutral colors in existing furniture.

  • Mixing Old with New

    Previously owned side tables earned a spot in the midst of the new design.

  • The Royal (Window) Treatment

    Traditional green draperies added a pop of color to the neutral space.

  • Cozy Up the Fire

    The existing fireplace mantel was retained but the hearth was added a year before.

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