Gray and Black Living Room Flip

Browse before and after pictures of this transitional cottage living space.

  • Boring Beginnings

    Before this remodel, the Chicago homeowner wanted to have a mixture of styles that were contemporary, transitional, primitive, and cottage.

  • After: Black, Gray, and Charming All Over

    Designer Mary Susan Bicicchi shows how inviting a mix of black and gray can be. The sofa is positioned to face both the fireplace and be able to view the lake outside.

  • Farmhouse Furnishings

    Barn-style wood finish on the chest shows how to bring in a rustic touch and mix it with high-end fancier materials for a good mix.

  • Cozy Sitting Area

    Wing chairs are a cozy place to go, each with a matching pillow and convenient table in between for resting books and drinks.

  • Proportion is Key

    The large scale of the sofa and its arms matches the size of the chest.

  • Mix and Match Materials

    A single Wing chair in a different fabric yet still the same palette, showing how to mix it up more.

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