Eclectic, Multipurpose Living Room

Designer Julie Holloway transforms a boring, long living room into a lively, inviting space with loads of eclectic appeal.

  • Smart Floor Plan

    In a multifunctional space, rugs help to define and ground unique furniture arrangements, while evenly dispersed lights and darks bring harmony to the whole.

  • Punch of Color

    An awkward indentation in the living room turns out to be ideal for a home office. Designer Julie Holloway paired a mod chair with a rustic campaign desk, and hung an Anisa Darnell custom landscape painting to add some much-needed color.

  • Vintage Wingbacks

    \"To build on our re-use theme, we decided to repurpose the homeowners' vintage wingbacks as newly slipcovered reading chairs,\" says Julie. A black-and-white striped rug grounds the pair and adds a modern geometric touch to the space.

  • Displaying Family Favorites

    To balance the tall bookshelves on one end of the room, a family photo collage hangs diagonally across. Julie used neutral materials, filling metallic and wood frames with mostly black-and-white images. The homeowners considered the wall to be an artful home for their grandfather's antlers.

  • Sparkly Reflection

    A collection of old silver candlesticks and new mercury-glass vessels add a touch of sparkle atop the armoire. \"Our favorite way to style is with collections,\" says Julie. She suggests keeping like with like for a meaningful impact.

  • Soft Weathered Surfaces

    Pale blue-gray and silver finishes fall into the wife's favorite Belgian-style category.

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