Dress Up Your Design: Accessorize a Boring Living Room

Each month, a lucky reader wins accessories from Etsy.com to complete a room. For December's winner, Michele, designer Vanessa De Vargas selects the accessories and shares why she chose them to update this living room.

  • Neutral Living Room with Angled Black Bookshelves

    Before: Blah Living Room

    With all the right elements and furnishings in place, Michele's living room needs a little added drama in the form of pattern and color. Designer Vanessa De Vargas says, \"The trick is finding patterns that are the same size. If you bring in a mixture of patterns in different sizes and too many colors, the room can look overdone and busy.\"

  • Etsy December Decorative Lamp Dress Up Your Design

    Vintage Modern Lamp

    \"The room needs extra light, and this white-and-brown lamp placed on the side table fits perfectly into the room,\" says De Vargas.

  • Etsy December Flower Art Dress Up Your Design

    \"Memory of a Gardenia Dream\" Print

    De Vargas selects two black-and-white prints to flank the TV, adding a stylish element above the fireplace. Black-and-white prints are a great choice for artwork because they work well with any room design style.

  • Etsy December Feather Art Dress Up Your Design

    \"To Write the Story\" Print

    \"I chose black-and-white artwork, instead of color because the room didn't need more color with the new accessories. Plus, if the homeowner wants to switch out the color of the pillows, the artwork won't need to be changed,\" explains De Vargas.

  • Etsy December Draperies Dress Up Your Design

    Designer Drapery Panels

    \"Drapes in a beige-and-brown trellis fabric will anchor the room with a modern pattern. Plus, they mix well with patterned pillows,\" says De Vargas.

  • Etsy December Bird Pillow Dress Up Your Design

    Sky Blue and Bird Pillow

    The neutral sectional is an ideal backdrop for an array of colorful pillows, so De Vargas selects a group of pillows in cheerful shades of blue and yellow.

  • Etsy December Yellow Pillow Dress Up Your Design

    Yellow and White Modern Pillow

    As the only one featuring a geometric print, this yellow pillow will really stand out and add a contemporary touch to the sofa.

  • Etsy December Floral Pillow Dress Up Your Design

    Floral Pillow

    This aqua, turquoise and ivory pillow features a ribbed cotton fabric designed by Thomas Paul for Duralee.

  • Etsy December Damask Pillow Dress Up Your Design

    Floral and Bird Pillow

    This pillow is covered in fabric in classic hues of warm taupe and robin's egg blue, a beautiful complement to the sofa and other pillows.

  • Etsy December Blue Vase Dress Up Your Design

    Bright Blue Glass Vase

    \"Blue vases set on the shelving unit will balance the blue of the new pillows on the sofa and bring color throughout the space,\" explains De Vargas.

  • Etsy December Vintage Vase Dress Up Your Design

    Vintage Danish Vase

    A beautiful aqua blue vase adds a mid-century modern touch to the living room.

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