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Easy-to-Sew Pillows

Add a splash of color and pattern to a room by sewing your own pillows.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
It's Sew Easy

Materials Needed:

  • fabric
  • pillow inserts
  • brown paper
  • square or yardstick
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • thread
  • needle
  • scissors
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine

Measure Pillow Insert

Measure dimensions of pillow insert.

Measure Existing Pillows

Measure Height and Width

If using a rectangle insert, measure both height and width.

Measure the Length of Pillows

Create Pattern

Using pillow insert measurements, add two inches to both height and width. Mark measurements on brown paper with a square to create pattern. Cut out pattern.

Draw Dimension for Pillow Case on Pattern

Choose Pattern Placement

If using a patterned fabric, determine print placement by outlining finished shape of pillow on fabric.

Measure Easy Sew Pillow Fabric

Cut Pillow Fronts

Place pattern on fabric, lining up pattern to fabric grain. Cut around edges of pattern.

Cut Fabric for Easy Sew Pillows

Cut Pillow Back

Place same pattern on fabric selected for pillow backs, lining up pattern to fabric grain. Cut around edges of pattern. Tip: Use coordinating fabrics for pillow front and back for an interesting design.

Cut Fabric with Pattern Guide

Pin Fabric Edges

Lay fabric front over fabric back, right sides together. Pin edges.

Pin Easy Sew Pillow Material

Sew Pillow Pieces Together

Sew pillow pieces together using one-inch seam allowance. Leave approximately five-inch opening to insert pillow on bottom edge.

Sewing Fabric for Pillows

Trim Edges

Trim fabric edges to 1/2 inch, trimming first layer slightly more than second. Trim close to corners for a clean turned corner. Tip: Trimming seams to varying widths will help make seams less noticeable on turned pillow.

Attach Batting to Pillow Fabric

Turn Fabric and Press Edges

Turn fabric right side out and press edges.

Iron Fabric of Easy Sew Pillows

Insert Pillow

Push pillow insert into pillow casing and adjust placement.

Slip Pillow Case over Pillow

Stitch Opening Closed

Sew opening closed using needle and thread.

Final Stitches in Easy Sew Pillow
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