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Customize Ready-made Draperies

Add a decorative band of fabric to ready-made drapes for a custom look.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
Living Room with Complementing Curtains

Materials Needed:

  • drapery panels
  • 1/3 yard, 54"-width fabric per single width drapery panel
  • temporary fabric pen
  • ruler
  • 2 rolls fusible bonding web
  • scissors
  • yardstick
  • iron

Select Fabric and Gather Materials

Select a fabric to coordinate with ready-made drapery panels and gather remaining materials.

Prepare Materials for Drapery Update Project

Trim Bottom Edge of Fabric

Draw a straight line along bottom edge of fabric using temporary fabric pen. Cut along line.

Make Clean Fabric Edges

Measure Height for Trim Panel

Measure up from bottom edge of fabric 10 inches and mark at one-foot intervals along width of fabric.

Mark Places to Cut Fabric

Draw Cutting Line

Draw a line connecting mark using temporary fabric pen and yardstick.

Use Ruler and Marker on Drapery Update Fabric

Cut Trim Panel

Cut along line, creating one trim panel length. Cut one trim panel for each 50-inch drapery panel.

Carefully Cut Fabric for Drapery

Turn Trim Panel Edges Under

Turn edges under one inch along panel top and bottom and press with iron.

Iron Batting and Fabric for Drapery Update

Secure Trim Panel Edges in Place

Insert fusible bonding web under top and bottom hems. Press with iron to secure hems in place.

Iron on Batting Backing to Drapery Fabric

Attach Trim Panel to Drapery Panel

Position trim panel along bottom of drapery panel. Measure to ensure trim panel is lined up evenly from bottom edge of drape. Place fusible bonding web under trim panel bottom edge and press with iron to secure trim to drape.

Sew a Hem on Drapery Update Fabric

Secure Top Trim Panel Edge

Insert fusible bonding web under top edge of trim panel and press in place to secure trim to drape.

Iron New Drapery Fabric

Finish Trim Panel Edges

Wrap trim panel around to backside of drapery panel, insert fusible bonding web under trim panel and press with iron.

Patterned Fabric in Drapery Update
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