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Add Nail Head Trim to Furniture

Bring a high-end look to an upholstered piece of furniture by adding nail head trim.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
Chair of Nails

Materials Needed:

  • chair or other upholstered piece of furniture
  • nail head trim
  • tape measure
  • hammer

Select Upholstered Piece of Furniture

Choose an upholstered piece of furniture to add nail head trim detailing.

Pick the Right Chair for Nailhead Trim

Determine Nail Head Placement

Determine what lines of the chair to accent with nail head trim. Tip: Select area of chair with a solid foundation to secure nails to.

Pick Plain Furniture for Nailhead Design

Select Nail Head Trim Style

Choose style and size of nail head trim to complement chair design and fabric.

Bowl of Nailheads

Position Nail Head Trim

Attach nail head trim at start of line to be covered with trim. Place first nail by pushing into frame.

Start Nailhead Border

Continue Line of Nail Head Trim

Continue placing nail head trim along line, positioning nails an equal distance from one another.

Vertical Nailhead Trim

Position at Even Intervals

Place nail head trim at even intervals, approximately 1/2-inch to 5/8-inch from nail center to center, depending on size of nail head trim. Use tape measure as a guide. Tip: Space nail head trim to touch or with a space in-between.

Space Out Nailhead Trim

Hammer Nail Head Trim

Secure nail head trim into chair foundation with hammer. Tip: Trim can also be applied along bottom edge of chair as an alternative design.

Hammer Nails for Trim
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