Bold Family Room Makeover

When traditional meets contemporary, a dull room will never be the same.

  • Before: Boring Beige

    The owners of this home recently added on a loft area, hoping it would become the go-to room for family fun and entertaining. They wanted bold colors for the walls to make the room pop, but their current color choice just fades into the background.

  • After: Bold Red

    After its makeover, the room’s red walls give the space a clear beginning and end. Part of the room is open to the front-door entryway, and to help define the area, hanging artwork mimics the look of the windows.

  • Before: Too Much Light

    Mixing warm colors like red with neutrals is a great way to make a room feel cozy. The couple tried to brighten their sterile family room with small accents of color, but since the room is so big, the red accessories got lost in a sea of beige. Another reason the red didn’t pop was that the natural light flooding into the room tended to wash out all the color.

  • After: Perfect Lighting

    A craftsman-style coffee table and lamp lend a traditional feel. Louvered blinds eliminate much of the glare in the room, and a beautiful new surround defines the windows. And the media center’s molding is mimicked with similar brown crown molding along the ceiling and around the windows.

  • Stenciled Mirror Frames

    Stenciled mirror frames add another warm touch.

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