Romantic Living Room and Office

A multipurpose space gets a unifying makeover.

  • Before: Divided Domain

    Shakir and Jackie wanted to unify their living room, which contained Jackie’s favorite couch and Shakir’s beloved computer. Jackie’s office consisted of a laptop on a stool, so besides wanting a comfy space with more pictures on the wall, she needed a more workable office space. Our design team clearly had its work cut out.

  • After: Charming Union

    With blue-green paint, a new TV cabinet and a new desk, a cohesive living room/office has been created. The layout has been changed to accommodate two distinct yet unified areas, one for working, one for living. The desk is now large enough to accommodate both their work spaces.

  • Before: Cluttered Space

    Shakir’s gym equipment had also been a dominating presence in the mixed-use space.

  • After: Relaxed Seating

    To change the look of the space, the sofa has been pulled away from the wall so that it floats in the center of the room. Opposite the sofa is a new armoire to house the TV and electronics. A neutral woven rug adds warmth and comfort to the room.

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