Fireplace Mantel Designs

Decorating a fireplace mantel can set the tone of a room. Whether you decorate a mantel with artwork or a personal collection, you can add a unique touch to any fireplace.

  • Old Cameras, Books Enliven Mantel

    Quiet, Calm and a Splash of Color

    The fireplace mantel can be a focal point for self expression. Designers Kathryn Carnegie and Julie Doan display a prized antique camera collection in combination with favorite books to create a beautiful linear composition. The mantelpiece provides an excellent opportunity to introduce color in a quiet room dominated by a cream color. Photo by Kathryn Carnegie and Julie Doan.

  • Bird's Nest Creates Quaint, Rustic Aura

    A Natural Inclination

    With the help of magazine photos and inspiration from HGTV's \"Design on a Dime\" show, Buffy Hamilton said she visualized the look she wanted and personalized it.
    \"I wanted to create a soothing oasis in my 1950s living room,\" she said. The mantel reflects the primary tones of the room and an adjoining office with “soothing cocoa/khaki with soft white and hints of silver.\" The textures reflect natural, organic elements that are evident in the accessories of the living room. Photo by Buffy J. Hamilton.

  • Sconces Add Touch of Elegance to Room

    Finding a Classical Balance

    Using soothing colors and classical ornaments, such as urns and topiaries, designer Linda Leyble creates a symmetrical balance in the center of the room. Architectural accents and classic sconces further illuminate a sense of balance. Photo by Natasha Beccaria.

  • Mantel Dressed in Halloween Decor

    Seizing on the Season

    Heather Sleightholm weaves a consistent color theme through her mantel decor. Tying seasonal themes, such as handmade autumn garlands with family heirloom photos and eclectic curiosities, the earthy colors pull it all together atop the white mantel. The presentation is creatively playful for the season. Photo by Heather Sleightholm.

  • Large Painting Enlivens White Fireplace

    The Mantel as Easel

    The heavy stone mantel has become an easel for a favorite piece of art. The indirect light of the two sconces adds a dramatic ambiance to the room. Photo by Melody Saunders Brenna; Stirling Stone Works.

  • Heady Display Creates Intrigue on Mantel

    A Museum on the Mantelshelf

    The mantel is the perfect stage for displaying your prized collection, no matter how eccentric or esoteric it is.
    Steve Erenberg wonderfully displays an engaging \"head collection\" on his fireplace mantel. He likens the headgear to the tribal masks of Africa. The collection is both an absurdity and a curiosity that draws instant attention. Photo by Jeff Li.

  • Mantel Made Elegant via Red Flower Design

    Flower Power

    Employing an array of complementing colors, floral artist Philippa Tarrant envisioned a simple and elegant homage to autumn. The five-flower arrangements echo the floral pattern of a classic fireplace while the square vases mirror the wall relief. Photo by Philippa Tarrant Floral Design.

  • Round Mirror Reflects Desiner's Good Taste

    Expanding the Mantel

    When Xylem, a cabinet and architectural millwork shop, was called in to upgrade this room with built-in bookshelves, it had an opportunity to expand and highlight the fireplace mantel. While the eye is drawn to the center with the traditional mantel and geometric mirror above, shelves on either side provide additional \"wings\" to display books and decorative items. Photo by Stefan van Staveren.

  • Candles Add Color to White Mantel

    The Classic and the Contemporary

    The fireplace mantel in this century-old Arts-and-Crafts home extends the entire length of the wall. Built-in bookshelves bracket a white brick fireplace, creating an expansive mantelshelf. An unframed, rectangular black and white photo of a cityscape joins brightly-colored glassybaby candles to add a touch of the contemporary. Photo by SwitchYard Media.

  • Warm Fireplace Accentuates Cool View

    Nature's Mantel

    What better decor for this minimalist, modern, glass home than an unobstructed seascape vista? Sometimes the spectacle of nature shouldn't be disturbed. A simple, beautifully contemporary hearth matches perfectly with its natural surroundings. Photo by Spark Modern Fires.

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