Inspiring Fireplace Design Ideas for Summer

Who says you can't use your fireplace in the summer? Check out these decorating ideas to keep your fireplace and mantel hot in the off-season.

  • Natural Surroundings

    Simplicity is key in this living space. Designers David Bromstad and Danielle Hirsch covered up old brick with a distressed wood facade, while staining the remaining brick to match the warm colors of the room. Built-in firewood racks add convenient storage space and style, with tea light candles on the mantel for a finishing touch to this remodeled fireplace.

  • living room embraces contemporary style

    Oversized Addition

    Instead of incorporating a mantel into her decorating scheme, designer Erinn Valencich used a great mirror and metallic fireplace accessories to add sophistication and modernity to this living room.

  • balis-orange-brown-livingroom

    Eclectic Touch

    Designer Judith Balis uses the black tile surrounding the fireplace to add a touch of drama to this bright, funky living room.

  • Revamped in White

    Outdated brick is not a problem for designer Angelo Surmelis. By covering up old brick with a coat of white paint, he gave this candlelit fireplace a new and fresh touch.

  • Neutral Tones

    This adobe-style fireplace ties in the brown tones of the living room with plaster and a bold paint color. The glass mosaic tiles frame the fireplace, giving the piece a unique and custom-made look.

  • Candlelight Delight

    A mirror above the mantel is an easy way to spice up any fireplace. Designer Vern Yip chooses a large modern mirror to reflect the style of this contemporary living space.

  • Distinctive Accents Lend Traditional Charm to Room

    Vibrantly Elegant

    This large carved stone fireplace becomes a work of art and focal point for this transitional living room. Designer Shelly Riehl David creates this grand piece to stand out against the bold colors of the space and add a formal, custom look.

  • arts and crafts inspired decor

    Colorful Collection

    Designer Van Tullis uses a timber mantel and unique fireplace tiles to create a focal point for this lake-view living room.

  • Rustic Charm

    A rustic fireplace adds natural charm to this traditional living room. With green tiling on the bottom, a bold blue wall and tea lights adorning the mantel, the fireplace becomes the heart of the home.

  • Unique Alternative

    Candles can be the perfect addition to any fireplace. These hanging candleholders provide an understated elegance with a touch of flair to a basic stone fireplace.

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