Comfortable and Contemporary Family Room

A underused basement goes from cold to warm and modern in this gathering space makeover.

Before: Dark Basement

Gerry is a stand-up comedian with a schedule that is no laughing matter. He recently got married, moved into a new home and had a baby, all while playing the comedy circuit and participating in the hit series Last Comic Standing. Needless to say, his busy lifestyle didn't leave him much time to work on his new house, and his family room was in desperate need of help. The space was dark, underutilized, outdated and was painted a shocking shade of green, thanks to Gerry's lone design attempt.

He wanted the room to be warm, comfortable and contemporary, a space in which his family can relax while he is on the road, and a place where he can entertain friends when he is at home (after all, his friends provide him with great material for his comedy routines). So with my sense of humour intact, I gathered my crew together and geared up to create a stand-out room for a stand-up guy.

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