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Build a Bookcase Window Seat

Create a piece of furniture that's not only perfect for relaxing, but one that's also a handy storage space.

Materials and Tools:

old bookcase
scrap wood
2 matching cupboard doors
metal plates and magnetic catch
4 hinges
staple gun


1. Cut and paint five pieces of scrap wood to match bookcase. These will be the shelves.

2. Attach shelves one at a time, attaching them from each side with screws. Stagger each shelf 2 inches apart from the one before and screw in place.

3. For extra stability, turn the bookcase over and put another screw into each shelf through the back.

4. Attach a strip of scrap wood cut to fit the length of the bookcase to the top with nails. This will be the decorative trim of the window seat. Add another strip of scrap wood to the bottom to give it visual balance.

5. To give the window seat a more finished look, add two matching cupboard doors that can be found at a salvage yard. Attach metal plates to cupboard doors if not already there. After lining the plates up with the inside of the shelf, screw on the magnetic catch that will keep the doors shut when not in use.

6. Add standard cupboard door hinges, which you can purchase at any hardware store. Pre-drilling holes will make the hinges easier to attach.

7. Cover a piece of hardboard with foam and fabric to fit the top of the seat. After pulling the fabric tight, fold in the corners neatly and staple the fabric to the hardboard with a staple gun.

8. Turn over the bookshelf and secure the seat with screws to prevent it from slipping.

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