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Modern Decorative Wall Plates

Create a wall-mounted work of art with vintage plates that feature a favorite quote.

Brian Patrick Flynn,

Materials Needed:

  • solid plates
  • patterned plates
  • vinyl decals
  • 1-inch plastic spackle knife
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • marker
  • scissors
  • hammer
  • plate hangers
  • roll of contractor paper
  • painter's tape

Select Plates

Lay collection of plates out on flat surface. Sort by color and pattern. Remove any individual plates which appear over-powering or unbalanced in relation to others.

Create Template

Measure area of wall where plates will hang. Roll out contractor paper, cut to wall area dimensions with scissors. Arrange plates on top of contractor paper. Once proper positioning is decided, turn plates upside down. Use a marker to trace each plate directly to contractor paper. Once all plates are traced, assign each a number. Mark number directly in center of each traced area of contractor paper. Assign same number to back of each plate using painter's tape and a marker.

Add Vinyl Decals

Decide on message, saying, quote or silhouette you want displayed. Use plastic putty knife to apply decals to plates. Tip: Decals make a stronger impact when applied to solid plates.

Tape Template to Wall

Tack the template on wall with painter's tape. Hold each marked plate up to its space on template. Use tape measure to determine correct placement and hammer nail into wall. Remove nail, repeat steps for each plate until all holes are marked. Remove template and insert nails in holes.

Hang with Plate Hangers

Add plate hanger to each plate and hang on appropriate nail.

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