Budget-Friendly Dining Room Updates From Expert Designers

We asked. They answered. Expert designers share what to buy if you only have $200.

Make a Window Statement

Linda Applewhite, Linda Applewhite and Associates:
To make a big impact in a dining room, raise the window treatments. In this space, we simply added a contrasting fabric to the bottom and top of the existing window treatments and removed the tie backs to achieve a more current look. It could definitely be accomplished for $200 or less with inexpensive fabric and a sewing machine. One of the most common mistakes is hanging the treatments just above the windows no matter how tall the ceilings are. Use the vertical and bring the eye up to the top of a room to expand the feeling.

Paint a silver chandelier a bronze color to make it look more elegant and stand out in a room. For this project, we did it inexpensively with canned spray paint.

Lastly, which costs nothing, we simply opened the doors! Connecting to the outdoors is so important for all of us who need the nurturing that nature can bring, but we often forget about what’s outside, while only focusing on what’s inside.

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